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Hello amazing person! I'm so glad you are here because clearly, this is exactly where you need to be. 

I'm Tracey, born in the UK, spent much of my childhood in Seattle and Los Angeles, but returned to UK where I lived until I decided on travelling and working my way around Asia.

I ended up in Thailand - and stayed for 18 years. I did return to UK in 2015 and in 2019 I moved to Portugal but followed my heart and intuition and returned to Thailand beginning of 2020, a month before the COVID lockdowns. Reminder to self... always act on your heart and intuition! 

Many people tell me "I wish I could do that, just get up and move to Thailand" The only thing that is stopping them is their mindset, because with the right mindset and building positive neural paths anything is possible....really! 


The journey to controlling your eating, repairing your relationship with food, losing weight, learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle or whatever your goal, is done over 12 weeks in order to teach you the tools to reprogram your mind and subconscious. Quick fixes do not support long term success and will also leave you feeling overwhelmed, which will set you up for failure. Your mind and subconscious have been programmed since you were a small child and we need to replace those old sabotaging stories and beliefs with new positive ones which will spill over into every aspect of your life.


I would LOVE to show you how, help and support  you on that journey. Let's have a no obligation heart to heart chat to discover what you can do to move forward and thrive in every sense of the word ..... because you really are Alive to Thrive! Don't waste another minute stuck where you are, make today DAY ONE of living and enjoying that fulfilling, positive, healthy life that you've dreamed of and you deserve. Let's chat!

Tracey x

*** This course is now available online!! To introduce this amazing supported one-to-one online journey I am offering it at a great discount to the first 6 people ... only £250 for the whole 12 weeks with many added bonuses!! Usually £750




Why Work With Me?

I am a qualified Nutritionist and have owned my own health shop

I discovered a passion for health while in Thailand where I owned my own health food shop  and qualified in Health and Nutrition and Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition

I am a qualified Advanced Arvigo Practitioner 

One of the main focuses of this therapy is the health of the digestive system. All our emotions are trapped in the gut, where there are more nerve endings than the entire spinal cord, as well as 90% of your immune system. There is a very strong link between gut health, depression, anxiety and even on the way we think! I can teach you how to keep it healthy and also how to release those trapped emotions that play havoc with our health. More info on the gut health and self care massage instruction workshop click HERE

It's included in the 12 week journey or it can be done as a stand alone workshop.


I understand the body and I know how to improve your health to get  your body working optimally

I understand the body and I know how to improve your health to get  your body working optimally. I qualified in Advanced Anatomy and Physiology when qualifying as an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist - see my sister website

I am qualified and experienced in supporting those with bad food relationships

I understand that fad diets don't work and that lifestyle changes have to come in small stepping stones in order for them to be taken on board. Whether you indulge in overeating, emotional eating, want to lose weight or want to live a  healthier lifestyle, your journey will be a positive one.

I would love to be your mentor for weight management, bad food relationships, changing your mindset and to enable you to live a healthy lifestyle in mind, body and spirit.

I have a holistic view to healing and work with the mind and spirit in order to repair the body.

In order to change long standing eating habits we must first start with the mind in order to change negative mindsets and habits that have been ingrained in your subconscious for many years.

We will go deeply into your physical, emotional and spiritual history to work with you as a whole person and identify your negative blockages in order to repair them.

We will do a thorough consultation before the start of your journey and identify and work with the  negative blockages and self sabotaging mindsets deeply ingrained in your subconscious that you will not even be aware of. These negative blockages and mindsets have a profound effect on all areas of your life, so not only will you move forward physically and emotionally, you will see all areas of your life improve. 

I can teach you the tools and methods needed to discover years of conditioning, negativity and bad habits buried in your subconscious and completely reprogram it to enable you to move forward.

It really is all about changing your mindset and neural paths within the brain and I can give you the tools to do that and work with you in the process. It works, believe me I've done it on myself as well as other people! You will be fully supported throughout your journey and also receive ongoing support, motivation and free information (and so much more) via the free private Facebook page made for the purpose of providing permanent ongoing support after you finish the online journey, so you will never ever be alone.

I will be right alongside you as your listening, supporting, question asking, inspiring, encouraging, thought provoking, fire igniting partner in body and mind liberation.

You've got this and I've got you!


You will be in a safe, confidential place.

I listen. You WILL be heard.

Your life will be transformed in small manageable stepping stones so that you will WANT to live healthily and EMBRACE the new you without feelings of deprivation, frustration or negativity.

Make this your DAY ONE and not 'One Day'

- why be at war with yourself any longer? -

Book a free 30 minute call through this website worth £75!

No obligation, no hard sell, just a heart to heart chat to see how you could move forward emotionally and physically to literally transform your life.

What Will You Receive?

10 amazing online modules full of audio lessons, life tools, nutritional advice, supporting modalities, a complete yoga course, mindset mentorship, meditations, self reflections and SO much more.

You will learn how powerful the mind really is and learn many tools to literally reprogram it to work for you.

5 x one-to-one coaching and support sessions with me.

Your choice of 10 ebooks, courses and reports totally free.

See below for complete list

Lifetime membership to the supporting Facebook group available to only those who have subscribed to this journey. It will provide lifetime support, many extra lessons, information and tools to keep you motivated and on track with the healthy life you deserve.

Free one2one gut health and self care massage workshop which is essential to health and really is an amazing tool for life .. more info HERE

 *not included in introductory discount price - can be bought separately

You will learn self hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming!

You will discover the powerful healing properties of plants by learning the Mayan spiritual bathing ritual and its benefits ... more info HERE

*not included in introductory discount price - can be bought separately


Book a free call through this website worth £75!

No obligation, no hard sell, just a heart to heart chat to see what path is best for you to move forward emotionally and physically to literally transform your life.

You will receive your choice of 10 eBooks and courses for another 5 weeks after you have finished the 12 week journey to keep you on track! 2 a week will be sent to you to download absolutely FREE according to your goals and personal needs.

Become The Best Version of Yourself

Daily Affirmation Handbook

Happiness Starts With You

Anti-Stress Formula

Better Everyday

Wired For Greatness

Master Your Mind

The Abundance Mindset

Mind Reset

Bulletproof Motivation

Success Principles

The Road Undertaken

The Gratitude Plan

Awaken Your True Calling

Relentless Optimism

Motivation Mojo

The Self Love Handbook

The Vegan Diet

Intermittent Fasting Formula

Supercharge Your Body

HIIT 2 Fit

Carb Cycling For Weight Loss

The Ultimate Aging Guide

The Plant Based Eating Plan

Biohacking Secrets

Happiness Through Self-Care

The Running Manual

Joint Health

Functional Fitness

The 24 Hour Fat Burn

Age Slower

Organic Beauty

Reverse Aging

Natural Detox Strategies


Arthritis Pain Reduction

Stress Relief Strategies

Insider Training

Top Nutrition Tips

Top Juicing Recipes

Flat Belly Made Easy

Anti-Aging Superfoods

Evidence Based Health Tips

Top Immune Boosters

Gain Mental Clarity

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